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“If you want a staff or team who really understands each other and uses that understanding in their work relations then you would want to invite Carolyn to come and share. Understanding of a another person definitely makes for a better work environment.” 
Trisha Frost
President/Co-Founder Shiloh Place

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The Communication Assessment and Communication Intelligence Advantage™ (C.I.A.) Seminars are fresh tools for today’s growing family, business or place of worship.  They empower you with an approach that is most uncomplicated, yet profoundly revealing.  Standard profiling tools utilize a quadrant approach which, in effect, put people in a box.  On the contrary, the Communication Assessment is a revolutionary approach to solving interpersonal issues that is multi-dimensional in scope and gives people the tools and solutions needed to fulfill their dreams and goals both personally and professionally.

The profile and seminars provide immediate and long-term effects by

  • strengthening relationships
  • enhancing team dynamics
  • encouraging character development
  • resolving conflict
  • helping diverse cultures work together with respect
  • discovering personal destiny

Team building, proper ministry placement, greater harmony among families and members and identifying growth potential are some of the many benefits you’ll gain through the LIFE Languages.

The Seminar/Workshops may include:

  • The C.I.A. Basic Seminar: Two 4-hour or one 8-hour block detailing the Kendall LIFE Languages™
  • Personalized Binder for every attendee including their personal profile, seminar syllabus, and post-seminar reference materials.
  • Presentation mixed with hands-on activities
  • Causes of internal/external Conflicts
  • Training in understanding language differences
  • Organizational directory of participants (optional)
  • Pictorial graphs of your teams’ communication demographics (optional)
  • Specialized CrossTalk/CrossTie analysis and index of specified group (optional)
  • Ongoing training workshops targeting specific development areas such as marriage, family, young adults, and leadership development.

Call today to schedule your Communication Intelligence Advantage™ Seminar.  I look forward to helping you more fullly accomplish your goals and achieve success in your life.

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