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“This  seminar  moves  into  a  new  dimension  of  communication  where  no  others  have ventured.  It provides the key to cohesiveness and productivity in the workplace. ”

Donald Spear, Certified Financial Planner, TX

Introduction to the LIFE Languages™

Communication Training. We have all participated in some form of communication training throughout our lives.  “Look at the person who is speaking with you. Repeat back what you heard to make sure you have heard the message they were intending” and the like. All good stuff, right? Yes; unless you are in the 21st Century and need a 21st Century Program for 21st Century problems, issues and needs.

The LIFE Languages™ ARE the 21st Century model for all your communication training needs. Why? Because of all the problems you are dealing with daily, It’s More About Communication Than You Think! – and we have the answer you are looking for! And it is the LAST one you will ever need!

Whether you are looking to:

  •   – Better understand yourself
  •   – Understand others
  •   – Manage the people in your department more effectively
  •   – Build the people in your Business or your Church strategically
  •   – Be intentional in developing the people you live with, work with, or gave birth to
  •   – Increasing sales effectiveness
  •   – Decreasing turnover
  •   – Increasing retention
  •   – Decreasing misunderstanding
  •   – Increasing understanding exponentially – literally
  •   – Reducing conflict
  •   – Diversity training that will eradicate sub-cultures within your company

You owe it to yourself to schedule a complimentary consultation with The Communication Coach.

What you don’t know about this program that separates it from ALL the others you have seen (we promise) could be costing you hundreds to millions of unnecessary dollars and toil!

The LIFE Languages™ have three categories: Emotive, Cognitive, and Kinetic.

Kinetic Languages

KINETIC LLS - Those who speak the Kinetic LIFE Languages generally respond to all aspects of life with Action first, then thinking or feeling. The Kinetic LIFE Languages are:



Emotive Languages

Emotive LLs: Those who speak the Emotive LIFE Languages generally respond to all aspects of life with Feeling first, then thinking or action. The Emotive LIFE Languages are:



Cognitive Languages

Cognitive LLs: Those who speak the Cognitive LIFE Languages generally respond to all aspects of life with first Thinking (reason, logic, analysis) f, then action or feeling. The Cognitive LIFE Languages are:



In a single workshop you will learn more than you could possibly learn about people – including yourself -  in a lifetime! Seriously! Fill out the link below to receive information about my next workshop. You don’t live near here? Let me know and I will give you a call to let you know your options. You will be glad you did.

Do you own a business? Are you a Pastor of a local church? Please do yourself a favor and invest one hour of your time with me to see for yourself. No pressure. No obligation. Just the opportunity to truly revolutionize your team, your church, and their families.
It’s More About Communication Than You Think!

Carolyn Santos
The Communication Coach

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