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"The accuracy of the Communication Assessment results was amazing."
Darrell Fant
Director of Public Safety, Highland Park, TX

The Kendall LIFE Languages Profile™

What is the Communication Assessment?

The key difference with the Communication Assessment is that it is a communication analysis tool.  All the other kinds of assessments on the market are personality tests, psychological tests, achievement tests, or aptitude tests. 

The Communication Assessment is a profile that helps people understand their communication preferences and how to better connect with others. 

Therefore, improving a person's personal and professional relationships immediately and dramatically.

What comes with the Communication Assessment?

The Communication Assessment will add depth to your understanding of yourself and others, by giving you the tools needed to apply the LIFE Languages™ in your personal as well as professional communication. When you take the Communication Assessment, you will immediately receive your Kendall LIFE Languages Profile™, an 18-22 page in-depth analysis of your personal Language Range, Intensity, Distress Levels, Language Filters, Language Needs, and much more.  

If you take the Communication Assessment and have not attended a seminar, workshop, or webinar, and would like more information, visit the Products and Services page to schedule a consultation with Carolyn.

Remember your unique Username and password so you can login and view your Communication Assessment Report anytime.

Why Choose the Kendall LIFE Languages Profile™?

The Communication Assessment is a powerful and flexible communication analysis tool. It is more comprehensive and user-friendly than anything else on the market today. The Communication Assessment can be used in many applications and is currently used in:

Professionl Academic Family Faith
Local Government Universities Pre-Marital Coaching Places of Worship
Sales and Marketing Vocational Training Marriage Counseling Small Groups
Political Arenas Grade School Parenting Classes Outreach Programs

What Carolyn Loves most about Communication Assessment:

The Communication Assessment is not a secular concept that is “Christianized” for use in the church, rather, it is a powerful tool that was formed out of the Scriptures the nature of the Father by which He created each of us made relevant for use in the marketplace! It is about nature and character, it works in EVERY venue from the family to the place where you worship, to the company you own or for which you work!

Discover for yourself why others are saying, "The Communication Intelligence Avantage™ is absolutely amazing! It answers so many questions about my relationships and how to deal with other people. It reads my mail!"

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