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“This  seminar  moves  into  a  new  dimension  of  communication  where  no  others  have ventured.  It provides the key to cohesiveness and productivity in the workplace. ”

Donald Spear, Certified Financial Planner, TX

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Of all the “talking” that goes on in our world:  family, work, tv, radio, FB, Twitter, etc…..WHY DO WE HAVE SUCH A HARD TIME REALLY COMMUNICATING? 

If you realize this, have a passion to help people or have a gift in coaching, counseling or training and would like to become part of the solution, becoming a facilitator or certified trainer of the LIFE Languages™ might be your next step in your life purpose. 

We all speak different languages!  Yes, even in the same house or room of people EVERYONE is speaking a different language! One of SEVEN, in fact! By attending training – either in Dallas, TX, at the home office of the Life Languages Institute™, or at a live event with Carolyn, or via webinar certification with Carolyn, you can become trained to help people with the biggest need in life – the need to understand others and how – with laser precision – to communicate effectively with them. 

As a Facilitator, you will work under a Certified Trainer to receive a 10% discount off the cost of the Communication Assessment and are able to share the knowledge of the LIFE Languages™ with your family, friends, Bible Study, or small group.  You could also become a Facilitator to teach the material in your place of employment or with your coaching or counseling clientele.

As a Certified Trainer, you are fully trained and licensed to receive a 40% discount off the cost of the Communication Assessment and all other products sold by the home office in Dallas. You can continue to gain further knowledge and insights into additional programs offered for certification via the home office in Dallas or through the Trainer who shared the LIFE Languages™ with you.You can become a Senior Certified Trainer and Master Certified Trainer of the LIFE Languages™.

If you are interested to learn more, contact Carolyn for an appointment or phone conference.

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